How was Artemis formed?

At the beginning of 2004, nine women decided to form Artemis Women to grow a community of women and have an influential voice in the community. There were other organizations that catered to men but none that provided women an opportunity to mentor each other. Artemis held its first meeting in April of 2004.

What is the Artemis mission?

To meet, mentor, motivate and mobilize women in the greater Colorado Springs area.

What type of an organization is Artemis?

Artemis is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. While membership and event fees are not tax deductible since you are receiving a service for those payments, any additional payment that you send is considered an IRS tax deductible donation. Donations will be acknowledged at the end of the calendar year with a total of your yearly donations. We are also structured as a non-voting membership organization.

What does the Artemis Board do?

The Artemis Board plans all the meetings that are held throughout the year. Their job is to promote good will at meetings and to represent the organization in a professional manner.

How are Board members selected?

The current Artemis Board holds its annual meeting in January and meets throughout the year as needed. As Board members’ terms of office expire at the Annual meeting, the Board votes on whether to retain those members, add new members, and/or accept resignations from the Board. Board members must be members of Artemis in good standing and are selected by the current Board based on their willingness to serve and the current needs of the Board. Anyone interested in becoming a Board member should contact the current Board president or the Coordinator.

What does the Artemis Coordinator do?

She is the paid, part-time representative for Artemis Women. She answers phone calls, responds to emails, manages the organization’s resources with direction from the board, generates and sends all Artemis communications to members and other duties as needed. At the Board’s direction, she makes all the arrangements for meetings and is the voice of Artemis to potential and current members.

Why is there membership fee?

Your membership fee covers all Artemis yearly expenses including liability insurance, post office box rental, telephone, postage, website setup and maintenance, Membership Directory publishing, event fees and the part-time coordinator’s salary and expenses. The annual membership fee of $50 has not increased since the organization’s inception in 2004.

Why does each event charge a fee and why are they different amounts?

Artemis holds 6-8 general meetings every year. The goal is to break even at each event and fees are determined by venue costs, caterer expense and speaker fees (if applicable). Artemis strives to keep costs down to make all events accessible to each member. Artemis is always striving to find low-cost, centrally located venues that address the interests of as many members as possible.

Why are there deadlines for event registrations?

Caterers and/or venues require a head count prior to the event. As soon as Artemis turns in this number, we are responsible for that many per-person-costs whether or not that many individuals attend the event.

Why do I have to pay more if I pay at the door?

The Coordinator needs to turn in attendee numbers to the caterer and prepare name tags for events. The additional fee at the door “helps” members to make decisions about whether or not they will attend an event and prevents guests from saying they will attend an event, not pay for the event, and then not show up; Artemis still has to pay for this person. In order to break even on every event, it was necessary to start charging this extra fee at the door.

What type of correspondence from Artemis can I expect?

Artemis conducts 99% of its business via email. An enewsletter is usually published on Fridays containing nonprofit events that are submitted by members.

What will you publish in the enewsletter?

An article has to be relevant to the Artemis membership and promote only events that 100% benefit a non-profit organization. If the Coordinator has trouble determining whether or not an article meets these guidelines, selected members of the Board make those determinations.

What other activities does Artemis hold?
  • Forum Groups – Consists of 6-8 women and are considered their own personal board of directors. These groups can take any direction that the group determines but everything is considered confidential within the group. Artemis Women has several groups currently conducting their own separate meetings. If you are interested in joining one of these groups, please notify the Coordinator.
  • Learning Circles – These groups are similar to Forums except they are not confidential and are usually centered around a specific topic, i.e., The Arts, Civic Issues, etc. Artemis is always interested in forming new groups if there is an interest expressed by the general membership. Contact the Coordinator to form one of these groups and to help you get started.
  • Dining Out Groups – These groups can be formal or informal depending on the how the hostess decides to structure the meeting. They can be held at a restaurant, coffee shop, or a home. They are a great way to meet other Artemis members in an informal setting. We are always open to suggestions for new groups.
  • Members Only Holiday Party – December is the time for our Members Only Holiday Party. Members enjoy mingling with each other in this purely social event.

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